Princess Diana

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Childhood and Teen Years


Princess Diana of Wales, known before as Lady Diana Spencer. She was born on July 1, 1961 in the park house close to Norfolk. She was the youngest out of her sisters. Her 2 older sisters were Sarah and Jane about a couple years older than her. Diana’s parents who married in 1954, separated in 1967 and divorced in 1969. Her father remarried the countess of Dartmouth. Her and her sisters lived with her father in the Park House until her grandfather died. The family moved in 1975 to the Northampton Shire in the English Midlands.





Princess Diana first attended a preparatory school called Riddles Worth Hall at Diss Norfolk, then went to West Heath near seven oaks, kent. At school she was involved in music which she really enjoyed ( she was a pianist), and she also liked dancing and domestic science. She recived an award for the girl giving maximum help to the school and her classmates. In 1977 she finished West Heath and went to the Institute Alpin Videmanette in Roungemont, Switzerland when she left after the 3rd term. After she finished school she moved to Cholherne Court, London.


Public Role                         

After her marriage ended, Diana was involved in the offical duties of the Royal Family. The 1st time she toured with the Princes was a 3 day trip to the Wales in October. In 1983 she escorted the Prince on a tour of Australia and New Zealand, they took baby prince William with them. After then they spent a bunch of time visiting other countries around the world in 1992.  Diana’s first official visit overseas on her own was in 1982, when she represented the Queen at the state funeral of Princess Grace. She had her own style of her self but she was associated with the fashion world. Younger designers liked her best, she was known for her charitable work with them.

When she was married she was president of patron over 100 charities. She did a lot to publicise her work on behalf of the homeless and disabled and children with diseases. She wanted more of a private life not a public life. After she separated with the Prince, she continued to be a part of the Royal Family on special occasions. Following her divorce, the Princess resigned most of her charity and other patronages, and relinquished all her Service appointments with military units. She remained as a patron


Following her divorce, the Princess resigned most of her charity and other patronages, and relinquished all her Service appointments with military units. The Princess remained as patron of Centrepoint (homeless charity), English National Ballet, Leprosy Mission and National Aids Trust, and as President of the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street and of the Royal Marsden Hospital. In June 1997, the Princess attended receptions in London and New York as previews of the sale of a number of dresses and suits worn by her on official engagements, with the proceeds going to charity.

Family and Marriage

                               On February 28, 1981 Lady Diana was to marry The Prince of Wales. Both 
               The Prince and Lady Diana's family knew eachother since 1975. They met 
               again in November of 1977, a weekend at Althorp. On July 1981 The Prince of 
               Wales and Lady Diana were married at St Paul's Cathedral in London. 
               This ceremony drew 1000 millions of people including global television and radio.       
               People did not just attend the ceremony but thousands were lining the route from 
Buckingham Palace where the Reception was held.The marriage was solemnized by Archbishop Dr. Richie and Dean of St Paul'. 
               Prayers were read by the clergy. Music included the hymn's "Christ is made the sure foundation" and many more. Mr.. George Thomas, the late Lord Tonpandy read the lessons.Princess Diana was the first english woman in three hundred years to marry a heir to the throne. The Princess wore a silk taffeta dress with a 
               train designed by Emanuels that was twenty five long. Her veil was held in 
               place by a diamond tiara, by the Spencer family. The Princess's bridesmaid 
               included Princess Margaret's daughter, Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones now 
               Lady Sarah Chatto, Prince Andrew now known as The Duke of York, and Prince 
               Edward who were the Prince of Wale's supporters.
                               Their honeymoon started at the Mountbatten family home at Broadlands, 
               Hampshire. After that they flew to Gilbraltar on the Royal Yacht HMY 
               BRITANNIA going form the Mediterranean to Egypt for a 12-day cruise.
               Soon after the Prince and Princess of Wales had two sons. Prince 
               William Arthur Phillip Louis was born on June 21, 1982 and Prince Henry Charles 
               Albert David was born on August 15, 1984. Both were born in London at 
               St Mary's Hospital. The Princess also had 17 godchildren.
               In December of 1992 the Prince and Princess agreed to separate. The 
               Prince was mainly at St James Palace and continued to live at Highgrove. 
               Princess Diana based her household and office at the Kensington Palace. Having 
               to deal with pressure of her public role and the downs of her personal 
               life she and the Prince divorced on August 28, 1996.
               Princess Diana and the Prince still shared equal responsibility in 
               bringing up their 2 sons. The only thing Princess Diana had to give up 
               was being called "Her Royal Highness" but kept much of everything else 
               including her place in the Royal Family.


On August 30, 1997 in Paris, France Princess Diana was involved in a high-speed car accident. This accident was in the Place de l' Alma under pass in central Paris. A little before midnight the Princess was taken to the La Pitie Salpetriere Hospital. She was in emergency surgery for two hours and declared dead at three A.M. that Sunday August 31,1997. A bodyguard was seriously injured, and so was the driver and Princess Diana's friend Mr. Dodi Fayed. On the evening of August 31, 1997 Princess Diana's body was subsequently repatriated to the United Kingdom by a BAE 146 aircraft of the Royal Squadron. The Prince of Wales and Diana's elder sisters Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes accompanied her coffin on its return journey.


 The coffin was taken to a private mortuary in London after it was removed from the aircraft and transferred to a waiting hearse by a bearer party from The Queen's Colour Squadron of the RAF. When the coffin was in London legal formalities were completed. A little after midnight the coffin was once again moved to the Chapel Royal in St. Jame's Palace. The coffin stayed here till September 6. 1997. The funeral was held in Sanctified ground on an island in the centre of an ornamental lake.      


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Princess Diana Questions:



1.  Where was the accident taken place?
2.  When was the princess declared dead?
3.  Who else was in the car when the accident occured?
4.  Where is Princess Diana buried?
5.  When and where was the funeral held?
6.  In what year was Princess Diana married to the Prince of Wales?
7.  What forced Princess Diana and the Prince of Wales to divorce?
8. Why was the marriage between the Prince of Wales and Princess Diana
different from other marriages in the Royal family?