now that we are a few days into the year it seems like the groove is about to catch on. other than not everybody having the right notebook, people are ready to go. i was very impressed by fifth period so far of all the u.s. history courses. they seem the most ready to work each day, and they've been asking really good questions. we'll have homework soon, i promise. and a quiz is coming on tuesday about reconstruction.

in world religions today, i mentioned the website of the acoma in new mexico. here it is again in case you missed it. good job with the skits. always good to unleash some creativity early on and see who should be trying out for the play (and who should stay away from the stage... ;)

is anybody reading this blog? i need to know or i'm going to think nobody is. hope you all are having as much fun as i am getting back into the school year. see you in class.


the first day of school finally came and went. honestly, i think the best first day in my eight years of being at hammond. although the classes are much fuller than i would like, it looks like everybody has something to bring to the class, and energy for pursuing new ideas in history. it was great meeting everyone, and i know the introductions went a little long, but it's important to set a good atmosphere for everyone to participate.

i'm a bit worried about world religions being so large of a class, but i think with only one course, it will be easier to focus on the problems this causes so they can be solved more quickly. truth be told, i'm most worried about how i'm going to get all the papers back within a week like i try to set for myself as a goal. i think the seating in that class is the best it can be once we rotated the desks around to make it less hierarchical. i just hope everybody does the reading so the first day of discussion is successful. flat discussions are not a good way to start the year.

and i hope all the students and my colleagues on the other side of the chalkboard are going to get enough sleep this week. it's always tough the first week back getting enough sleep.

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