yesterday i started the process of readying the room for the year. those who are new to the class will realize i like to change the desks around pretty frequently. i also try to have a student-centered setup, so i hope you like to discuss ideas and listen to other people's points of view. this weekend, i'm finalizing the policies and the grading percentages. for world religions, most of the assessment is in the essays you write every 2-3 weeks, then a hefty portion with class participation, and minor amounts for classwork. world religions does not have any tests other than essay based semester exams. by the way, those of you set up for a single semester in the beginning for w/rel may want to extend that to a full year, although i'm sure you will enjoy whatever other course you may have registered for.

for those of you in u.s., the assessment of your grade is more balanced with essays, projects, tests, classwork, and homework. as the year progresses, actually, i emphasize the grading of homework less and the emphasis on long term retention (like tests and essays). this means the grading percentages will change during each quarter. i find this to the best way to help transition you from middle school to high school grading.

orientation is thursday, and i hope those of you new to the school will join us.

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