i just realized i don't have any aides yet for the year, so any former students especially who are now seniors with a bit of time on their hands, and a willingness to work on the computer (powerpoint, excel, etc.) in exchange for a healthy letter of recommendation, and occasional thank yous, please let me know.


so this blog didn't work out too well last year, but i'm going to give it another go. hope all of you are enjoying your summer; i know i'm trying to pack in as much in the last two weeks as possible. but i'm also looking forward to working with a new group of minds and our towson graduate student, ms. myers, who will be with us until march of '05.

be sure to check out the class supply lists for your teachers, including what i need to see you bringing to class.

drop me a line if you've stopped by and introduce yourself, letting me know which course you are in (and period of the day). i'll be working with four u.s. history courses and one world religions, unless my schedule has been changed.

and if you are looking for something to read, i usually start my day with reading the boondocks and checking out the political cartoons from cagle's archive.

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