today was pretty tedious, as first days usually are, but i enjoyed meeting those i didn't meet last week. the schedule should be a bit off again tomorrow as we finish our first day's worth of business. then we can really get started in the subject.
i thought world religions went very well, and we got a great start on respectful discussion on diverse ideas. i'll let you know how the religion survey went wednesday.
  • 1, 2, 5
    i gave out this handout today, as well as the class policies. please bring both assignments in tomorrow (if you forgot the policies, you can get them from the link and have a parent/guardian sign it with an email address, daytime phone, and your email address and signature.

  • 4a/b
    in addition to the policies (see 1,2,5) i gave you a creation story from the acoma. please read that carefully and think about what it tells you about the Acoma culture.

  • 8.24.2003

    meeting those of you who came to orientation was exciting; i'm looking forward to actually meeting you tomorrow. i hope you are ready for a great year. i hope you have a lot of questions and things to say, because i'm not here to be the only one talking in class.
    after seeing many of you during orientation for u.s. history, i discovered you did not really cover much about the american civil war last year, so i will spend this first week giving you a very quick idea of the topic so you can better appreciate the reconstruction era. however, since the civil war itself could be its own course, we will barely scratch the surface. one website you could look at if you are more interested, is this one from tulane university professor latner, called crisis at fort sumter. the background section itself, is well-worth reading.

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