last weekend, tavis smiley hosted his foundation's national youth summit, and c-span (my favorite channel) aired an excellent program from the summit on "black youth and the media." dr. cornel west (princeton professor) and aaron mcgruder (the boondocks creator) discussed issues facing teenagers in this media saturated time. newspapers and news programs ignored this event, but, luckily, it was recorded by c-span digitally. at the c-span site, under most watched video, click on tavis smiley. after the first two minutes, skip to 11:30 in the time bar for the introduction of mcgruder. smiley introduces professor west around 41:00. a panel with the two and the teenager who helped organize the summit starts around 1:11:00.


i've posted the class policies for your review. they are the same as what i hand out on the first day of school.
parents: at orientation and during the first week of school, i will be asking for a voluntary $5 technology fee. this is to help pay for the use of blackboard.com, which we use a lot throughout the year. blackboard's main feature we use is online testing. instead of taking tests on paper with pencils, i give tests online in the computer lab, usually once per semester. but in addition, i give surveys on it, practice tests, and smaller, at-home, open-note quizzes. usually, absent students can also take the make-up tests from with supervision from an adult. for all classes, i also use a message board and drop box for assignments. homework documents are posted on blackboard as well. i pay for this service from my own pocket, but ask for the fee to get reimbursed. alternatively, you could take a spin with netflix, an online dvd rental company without any late fees, and you could waive the technology fee.

please let me know if you have any concerns or questions about the fee. if you pay the fee, please bring in a check made out to hammond high school with jenkins technology fee in the memo for better record keeping.
first entry
hey, if howard dean can do it, so can i. i'll do my best to keep up with the entries as well as i can. i'll mainly use this to try to capture some of the key ideas of the class each day, or at least each week. let me know if you think is a great or corny idea, and if you think i should just bag it. who knows, this could turn out to be a highlight of our year! (yeah, right)

anyway, check the links to the left for help with homework, checking your grades, or to send me an email.

also, if you are checking this out before school starts, let me know you were here by introducing yourself.

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